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Truth about some energy pills
The TRUTH About Some Energy Pills

When we started making Up Your Gas in 1992, we were the only energy supplement in town. Things sure have changed. Today, energy supplements are everywhere!

Here's the problem: the energy supplement category has attracted fly-by-night manufacturers that have no idea what they're doing. They use cheap ingredients, synthetics, dyes and weird chemical flavors. Some might even be dangerous!

These products may artificially spike energy, but it sure doesn't feel good. The shakes, jitters and crashes... if you ever felt lousy after taking an energy pill, it's time to switch.

Up Your Gas is a Different Class.

Up Your Gas is so proven, it has been energizing lives for 22 years! Legions of "Gas Fanatics" know: One pill kick-starts vitality and keeps you cooking with gas for hours!

We've been doing it right for 22 years, too. Quality and care go into every single tablet:

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