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Who Takes Up Your Gas

Who Takes Up Your Gas?

Athletes take Up Your Gas!


Who couldn't use a clean surge of energy before hitting the gym? Up Your Gas has always been popular with bodybuilders and weekend warriors.

truck Drivers

Truck Drivers

Convenience and off-the-charts alertness have made Up Your Gas a favorite among long-haul truck drivers, whose safety depends on energy.

Students use Up Your Gas


Up Your Gas energizes the brain for clear-headed concentration and sustained attention - it's perfect for those marathon study sessions!

Professionals take up Your Gas


Enough with the coffee already! Up Your Gas is a welcome change for professionals who want to perk up without pooping out.

Stay-At-Home Moms love Up your Gas

Stay-At-Home Moms

Motherhood is exhausting, with no time for crashing! Up Your Gas is a clean, pure energy solution for stay-at-home moms everywhere.



Hitting the links? Anyone for tennis? Even those enjoying a leisurely life at play can use extra energy... with a side of focus for peak performance!

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