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Up Your Gas is the herbal energy blaster with the crazy name that’s been energizing lives across America since 1992!

We’ll be the first to admit: The name is a little crazy! But don’t be fooled: Our formula means serious business. Up Your Gas features compounds that unleash a series of biological activities that optimize your energy levels in many different ways.

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Jitter-free energy that gives a natural lift without crashes, shakes or aggression Rejuvenating physical energy that boosts endurance, strength and stamina Refreshing mental energy that clears brain fog and sharpens your focus Youthful energy that restores exuberance and a peppy, positive outlook

Can your energy supplement do that? UP YOUR GAS CAN!

The TRUTH About Some Energy Pills...

When we started making Up Your Gas in 1992, we were the only energy supplement in town. Things sure have changed. Today, energy supplements are everywhere!

Here’s the problem: Some of today’s energy supplements are made by fly-by-night companies that have no idea what they’re doing. They use cheap ingredients, synthetics, dyes and weird chemical flavors. Some might even supply potentially dangerous ingredients!

These products may artificially spike energy, but it sure doesn’t feel good. The shakes, jitters and inevitable crash make things even worse! If you ever felt lousy after taking an energy supplement, it’s time to make the switch.


Guarana: A Black Seed Used As A Brazilian Tribal Herbal Stimulant

Guarana is a South American plant that produces orange-hued berries. The berries “pop” open to reveal a black seed against white flesh, looking like a wide-open eye that hints to the seed’s stimulant properties. Brazilian tribes in the Amazon have known about Guarana’s energizing effects for centuries. Some tribes would sun-dry and roast the black seeds, grinding them into a paste that was then formed into convenient bars for travel: The world’s first “power bars!”

Kola Nut: African Power-Up That Unleashes Euphoric Energy

This caffeine-rich nut, which was in the original Coca-Cola formula, is used traditionally among African tribes for its stimulating properties. It is strongly associated with feelings of enhanced alertness and revitalized physical energy. In some, the Kola nut even brings feeling of energized euphoria. Its link with higher body temperature appears to suggest the nut has metabolism-boosting effects, as well.

Panax Ginseng: Traditional Chinese Root Herb For Energy & Stress

Panax ginseng is the most widely used form of the root herb that has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Wellness practices. Considered an “adaptogen,” ginseng normalizes the body’s biological activities and boosts resistance to various stressors, both physical and emotional. Ginseng is a tonic for physical energy, and is also known to sharpen cognitive performance and bust brain fog.

Ginkgo Leaf: Neural Accelerator Herb For Fast, Energized Mind

Ginkgo biloba is considered a living fossil tree – it has existed on the earth for 200 million years, with individual trees documented living up to 3,000 years! Today, ginkgo leaf is most famous for energizing the mind. It promotes peak circulation to the brain, fights oxidative stress in the brain, and boosts production of acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter for sharp memory and fast mental function.

Taurine: Amino Acid That Supports Stamina And Muscle Energy

Taurine is an amino acid compound that plays an important role across numerous biological pathways in the human body. It is believed to promote nitric oxide, a compound that opens up the blood vessels for robust, energized circulation. Taurine is a popular nutrient in sports nutrition products for its ability to supercharge athletic performance, enhance stamina, and optimize circulation to muscle tissues.

Green Tea: Caffeine + EGCG For Peak Metabolic Performance

Sure, it’s got some caffeine, but green tea’s energizing qualities also come from its potent antioxidants, including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). As early as the 10th Century, Buddhist monks used the tea to boost both physical vitality and spiritual energy. Numerous studies have investigated green tea extract for its connections to increasing energy expenditure; quick energy surge followed by sustained endurance.

Royal Jelly: Nutrient-Dense, Milky-White Queen Bee Food

One of the most fascinating substances on earth, royal jelly is loaded with life enhancing nutrition that is used as the sole food source of queen bees – which live forty times as long and grow forty times the size of worker bees. They also lay 1,500 eggs each day, producing up to 1,000,000 bees over their lifetime! Royal Jelly fuels all these activities with over 100 different bioactive compounds, including proteins, RNA, DNA, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and a special compound called 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid (10-HDA) that is found nowhere else in nature.

Vitamin B12: The “Energy Vitamin” With A Side Of Niacin

B Vitamins are known as energy vitamins because they help to convert fats, proteins and carbohydrates in food into energy. With additional roles in supporting healthy nervous system function, cell metabolism, circulatory wellness and more, the B vitamins are vital to overall health – yet the United States CDC reports that up to 15% of all Americans may be deficient, underscoring the importance of supplementation.

Acai Berry This Tiny Purple Berry Is An Important Food Crop Among Tribes Of South America’s Amazon Rain Forest.

Its delicious blueberry-chocolate flavor has made it a popular component of a variety of dishes and beverages. Acai is known for its off-the-charts antioxidant activity and dense nutritional profile, including fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. A power-packed berry, acai is considered to be a rich source of energy in food, drink and supplement form.

It’s Like EIGHT Energy Supplements in ONE!

Up Your Gas unites the world’s most powerful vitality boosters in one convenient tablet. Our legendary formula includes time-tested exotic herbs. We told you Up Your Gas was serious! That’s what happens when you combine the world’s greatest energizers in one pill! But listen… every ingredient is there for a reason. With this blend, Up Your Gas unleashes a power surge that truly revitalizes your life!

Who Takes Up Your Gas?


Hitting the links? Anyone for tennis? Even those enjoying a leisurely life at play can use extra energy… with a side of focus for peak performance!

Stay-At-Home Moms

Motherhood is exhausting, with no time for crashing! Up Your Gas is a clean, pure energy solution for stay-at-home moms everywhere.


Enough with the coffee already! Up Your Gas is a welcome change for professionals who want to perk up without pooping out.


Up Your Gas energizes the brain for clear-headed concentration and sustained attention – it’s perfect for those marathon study sessions!

Truck Drivers

Convenience and off-the-charts alertness have made Up Your Gas a favorite among long-haul truck drivers, whose safety depends on energy.


Who couldn’t use a clean surge of energy before hitting the gym? Up Your Gas has always been popular with bodybuilders and weekend warriors.


 By Relaxing blood vessels to get your circulation flowing Revving up metabolism to get your heart pumping Promoting neurotransmitters to dissolve brain fog Supporting an exhilarated & motivated state of mind Minimizing the energy-draining effects of stress Maximizing energy throughout all cells in the body. 

PLUS: Up Your Gas enhances its energizers with Bioperene®, a patented black pepper extract that boosts absorption of all ingredients – for energy that comes on fast and sustains for the long haul.

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