Up Your Gas History

The year was 1992. Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States and did not inhale. A gallon of gas cost $1.05. A precocious 16-year-old named Tiger Woods became the youngest PGA golfer in history. And Tom Ciola, an enterprising American nutritional supplement manufacturer from Florida, introduced Up Your Gas, an energy supplement that changed everything.

As the Owner of Hot Stuff Nutritionals, Tom had already been creating sports nutrition supplements since 1970. He noticed the newfangled “energy pills” that were circulating gyms often contained little more than one or two cheap ingredients, plus caffeine.

Sensing a massive opportunity, Tom formulated an “Herbal Energy Blaster” from 15 of the most exotic, yet proven, nutrients and botanicals from around the world. The effects were nothing short of amazing: Up Your Gas delivered an energy jolt that had people hanging on for dear life!

Searching for a name, he immediately thought of his father, who said “I’m out of gas!” whenever he was feeling tired. And so, the name for Tom’s new energy pill came naturally: Up Your Gas was born.

As he rolled out Up Your Gas, Tom was met with chuckles and smirks because of the product’s irreverent name. But the laughing stopped as soon as people tried Up Your Gas.

It all started with edge-driven athletes, who found Up Your Gas revved them up into “raging beast” mode. They could demolish their training sessions with newfound intensity – without crashing. Long-distance runners jumped on board next: With Up Your Gas, their endurance was significantly enhanced.

As word got around, long-haul truck drivers soon discovered, Up Your Gas, and loved the effects. With this pill, they could sharpen their alertness for hours – helping them stay safe on the roads.

As Up Your Gas gained momentum, it shattered barriers: As it turned out, everybody could use a refreshing boost of pure, natural energy. Office workers, students, retirees, and stay-at-home moms soon joined the legions of “Gas Fanatics” across America.

Today, Up Your Gas is one of the longest-running energy supplements in America… it’s been supercharging lives for 22 years! The reason why is simple: This Herbal Energy Blaster just works…. Imagine that!

Here’s to another 22 years of revitalized energy with the original outrageous energy supplement: Up Your Gas!